The girl’s proposal is one of the most important moments in the life of every girlfriend and the guy who does it. The moment when the knee of each male person shakes, and the heart of each girl trembles. It’s an event full of uncertainty, but lucky when a girl utters a fateful “YES” and accepts a engagement ring that the boy has chosen with great care. Although it is generally considered that marriage is the happiest moment in the life of one couple, the proposal is almost equally happy and precedes the wedding with which a couple crown their love.
Although the proposal is a tradition that dates back to ancient times, its popularity has not diminished and more and more young people are deciding on this step before the wedding. In the past, this custom was almost exclusively formal in nature. The proposal served to get to know groom and bride’s parents, and then groom would ask the bride’s hand from her father, after which groom would put a engagement ring on her. This event took place in the closest family circle. Today, the meaning of the proposal remains the same, but often happens in different ways. Future grooms is generally much more concerned about girls than before. Although the guys are often sure that their girlfriend will said yes, there is still a small tension, while on her hand, the engagement ring finally is not shining, which is with so much care and love chosen. It is precisely the ring that symbolizes their strong relationship, which will be crowned by the wedding after the ceremony. The consistency and symbolism of the proposal remained the same over the course of time, only the time, place and the way in which the announcement took place changed. This is certainly one of the most important moments in the life of all people. It is a moment that is remembered for a lifetime why young people are struggling to choose the most beautiful ring for their partner and that everything goes as best as possible.

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