Ralph Jacobs is a name synonymous with elegance, luxury and exclusivity. The jewellery company has entered its fourth year and although it operates in a sea of competition, it stands out in many ways.

Nico van der Merwe and Rikus Kotzé started the company in 2014 after years of working with a wholesale jewellery manufacturer. The business relationship began when they became partners in their own supplier’s manufacturing business, Valley Manufacturers.

“But after some time we realised that we weren’t really as passionate about wholesale manufacturing, and that we were losing out on our real passion. We couldn’t put Ralph Jacobs’ name on the jewellery we were manufacturing, and we were losing out in that sense,” Kotzé explained.

During this period, they continued to play around with ideas for Ralph Jacobs, which became a sponsor for the Afrikaans is Groot concert. The pair propelled their journey as partners in Ralph Jacobs by designing jewellery for South African musician Laurika Rauch for her participation in Skouspel 2014.

Similar celebrity endorsements and word-of-mouth grew to be a distinct part of the Ralph Jacobs marketing strategy. Along with social media, these approaches have spread the word further than Kotzé and van der Merwe realised. “Our brand is much bigger than we think,” Kotzé said.

It goes to show that they are doing something right. Ralph Jacobs is a delicate balance of impeccable conceptualisation, an ability to make people feel good, as well as admirable customer service.

One of the services that make the company so appealing is offered by their division, Ralph Jacobs Create. It offers clients the option of designing their own jewellery pieces, from the sketch to the very stones in carries. “The process is really simple: a customer will tell us what they want and then our designer will design the jewellery using 3D software,” Nico explained.

The result is a piece of jewellery unique to its wearer and oozing opulence.

Apart from Create, Ralph Jacobs is branching out into a myriad of projects and divisions that could make one believe that they have plans of taking over the world. There’s Ralph Jacobs Bridal, an intention to tap into catalogue marketing, a magazine and a heartwarming charity called Born Perfect. The charity seeks to contribute to the lives of women with facial deformity, as well as drive Ralph Jacobs’ key message, which is that beauty is a feature of the inner person.

“Our slogan is ‘Designed for perfection’, and it’s about beauty, which we believe is something that comes from within. We are not claiming that our jewellery is perfect, but that it is an enhancement of an individual’s unique perfection and lifestyle,” Kotzé said. “We just want everything we do to be impactful”

With the mission of selling a lifestyle, Ralph Jacobs is impactful in more ways than one. The duo is well on its way to dominating the world of timeless, wearable art. To learn more about Ralph Jacobs, visit their site: ralphjacobs.co.za